OptiGuard™ Lifetime Warranty

The QDOS Lifetime Warranty online portal will be undergoing maintenance from 09/09/2019 for a few weeks. Customers will not be able to register or make a claim via the website during this period. We are updating the system to make it easier and more convenient than ever to make a claim online.

If you need to make a claim in this period, please get in touch via email (enquiries@qdossound.com) with a picture of the damaged OptiGuard and a proof of purchase, we would be happy to process your replacements manually during this period.

Thank you very much for understanding, we hope to get the system back online as soon as we can.

What is the QDOS Lifetime Warranty program?

All QDOS products are covered by a standard manufacturers warranty. If your QDOS product is defective or not as described, we can take appropriate action to right this for you.

The Lifetime Warranty program refers to specific OptiGuard™ products only. It allows you to register the product with us online so if your OptiGuard gets damaged or breaks, you can claim a free* replacement** to keep your device protected. Unfortunately the Lifetime Warranty program is region-specific, which means it is not currently available worldwide.

Customers will be asked to sign up to a QDOS website account with an email address to benefit from the Lifetime Warranty program. Once you have signed up, you can register your OptiGuard with us. You will be able to find your registered products in your account once you have logged in.

* - Postage and packaging charges may apply
** - A replacement will be issued if the claim meets the criteria outlined by the warranty terms and conditions

Which products are covered by the Lifetime Warranty program?

Not all OptiGuard products come with a Lifetime Warranty. If your product is covered, then this will clearly be stated on the front and inside the packaging in which the product was sold in. If the OptiGuard you have purchased does not have the Lifetime Warranty logo both on and inside the box, e.g. the OptiGuard Infinity Glass, then the product can only be covered by the standard manufacturers warranty.

Regional limitations

The Lifetime Warranty program is only available in certain regions; there may be in a small number of cases, products sold with the Lifetime Warranty stamp in regions where it is not available. please see the terms and conditions to find out if it is available in your region.

Updates to the Lifetime Warranty program

As of 27/07/2018, the OptiGuard Lifetime Warranty registration process has been changed. You can now use your QDOS website account to access warranty registration and claims. 

19/07/2019 - The Lifetime Warranty program is undergoing maintenance so we can bring you, our users, the best possible experiences with the registration and claims processes. Users will be able to register an account with us, however, will not be able to register new products on the website until 15/10/2019. We apologise for any inconvenience. If you need to make a claim in this period, please contact our support email, and we will process your claim manually.

If you need any assistance with the Lifetime Warranty program, please contact support@qdossound.com