Industry-leading innovation

Specialising in mobile and consumer tech products since 2006, QDOS is a brand focused on delivering the needs of the consumer by creating market-leading solutions.

Originally providing Bluetooth speakers, QDOS quickly expanded its range to include power solutions and cases. Today the brand is industry recognised for its ground breaking glass screen protection, OptiGuard™.

Since 2010 we have led the way in screen protection for smartphones and pioneered the best solutions for consumers who wanted to safeguard their screens. This experience and knowledge led us to engineer accessories that not only protect the screen, but the entire phone – all whilst being elegantly transparent.

Our products are either designed at the QDOS HQ, just outside of London, or in Paris or Hong Kong before being manufactured in China, where we have a team based in the heart of the country’s technology and manufacturing hub.

“We believe that top quality devices deserve top quality solutions. We fulfill customers’ evolving needs through a dynamic range of products; products which protect devices, protect eyes from blue light and protect personal data on portable devices from wandering eyes in public places…and these are just the screen protectors we do!”