28 Sep

The Global Recycled Standard

The Global Recycled Standard

Here we go…another sustainability credential we hear you say.​

Yes! And we’re proud of it.​

​We get it. We really do. Sustainability, eco accreditations, environment credentials – they’re everywhere.

​We find it overwhelming at times, so we can only imagine how frustrating it is for you when you just want to make a sustainable shopping choice.

Fear not. We're here to navigate the sustainability system for you and share our knowledge as we continue our own journey.

Our pathway to a greener future with GRS

We became GRS Certified in 2022 joining ‘a growing community of brands, retailers, manufacturers, farmers, and others committed to climate action toward more purposeful production, right from the start of the supply chain’. - Read more about the Textile Exchange and their Global Recycled Standard certification.​

Why should GRS matter to you?

  • When you buy our GRS products with the GRS logo, you're making a conscious decision to shop sustainably and responsibly.

  • ​All of our GRS products are made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials.

  • We only work with suppliers who use GRS certified materials.

  • We audit the health and safety working practices of every supplier in our chain.

The ripple effect

It’s great that we’re GRS certified. But it’s not enough for us. We want more.

We want all of our suppliers throughout our supply chain to become GRS certified too, which is why we're using our experiences to help our suppliers to gain their own certifications.

Our French suppliers are getting on board, with another major partner in our supply chain gaining Global Recycled Standard certification in August 2023.

Now that’s collaboration.

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