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QDOS talks 2020 tech predictions and what’s in store for them.

Happy New Year everyone! The smartphone industry has an exciting decade ahead, with the race for 5G well underway and exciting new technologies in the works. 

It’s already been an exciting start to the decade for the QDOS team, with the innovative Infinity Glass Defense having launched a few days ago. But what else is in store for QDOS this year? Here’s to another busy and exciting year! 

Apple in 2020

Of course, we can’t talk about what QDOS are going to be doing in 2020 without first addressing what’s in store for Apple in 2020

Without a doubt, Apple have some exciting new products in the works this year. While we’re unaware of an Apple 2020 iPhone leak, QDOS have made some educated guesses for what’s to come from Apple’s announcements in Spring and Fall. QDOS predicts that notably, there may be a launch of a new entry-level iPhone this Spring, along with a new 5G iPhone launching in Autumn, both of which QDOS have already started working on new accessories for. Now we just have to keep an eye out for an iPhone 12 leak!

Apple 2020


QDOS are also excited for Apple to be launching new iPads this year, with products underway for their release… but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out more about these!

Apple Watch 2020 release

Last year, QDOS launched their Infinity Glass as part of their OptiGuard range. The Infinity Glass is an innovative concept; a two-piece glass screen and phone protector that magnetically connects at the sides of the device, offering seamless protection for your iPhone. This year, QDOS are working on a new Infinity Glass for the Apple Watch, bringing you seamless protection for your Apple Watch.  

Infinity Glass for the Apple Watch


The 2020 race for 5G

The race for 5G is well underway, as different telephone providers rush to launch 5G this year. Many have already started offering 5G in particular areas on certain devices. This exciting new technology brings with it a challenge for mobile accessory creators to innovate and create products that complement 5G. QDOS are having fun turning their attention to what they can bring to the 5G race. You can check out our article here to learn more about what 5G will bring to the world of mobile roaming. 

Screen Protection in 2020

When asking QDOS about their plans for their OptiGuard Glass Screen Protection range, CEO and Founder Susan had this to say... 

“Our OptiGuard range of tempered glass screen protectors, including Infinity Glass and Infinity Glass Defense, is the lynchpin of our product line-up for any new Apple launch and will continue to figure importantly in our accessory range for all new iPhone launches. Indeed, our OptiGuard range is always the first of our accessories to launch and we will be ready again in good time to meet demand when the new iPhones reach the shops! We’re focussed on delivering both flat and curved glass, giving customers the choice between a seamless edge-to-edge option and a case-friendly screen protection.”

2020 Apple Laptop Accessories

In 2019, QDOS released a range of privacy screen protectors for Apple laptops. While there are developments in the works for new products for Apple laptops in 2020, QDOS are keeping these launches top secret at the moment, so you’ll have to tune in at a later date or follow us on Instagram to find out more soon!

 Apple laptops


Samsung in 2020

Samsung are rumored to be launching their new mobile device this year, and people are speculating that the name will either follow Samsung’s regular naming convention and be the S11 series, or it will be named the S20 series, to symbolize the start of the new decade. 

QDOS are placing their bets on ‘S20 series’ and are already shipping their range of accessories for the next Samsung launch… so they’ve got their fingers and toes crossed for the ‘S20 series’ naming! You can see what rumours are surrounding the Galaxy 'Unpacked' launch here

Huawei and beyond

QDOS are always looking at other mobile devices to create accessories for. With the Huawei devices becoming increasingly popular worldwide, QDOS have had accessories for these smartphones in their line-up for years now, and 2020 is no exception. More cases and screen protection will be launching this year for the newer flagship devices as part of QDOS’s Huawei offering. 

Power My Life in 2020

QDOS launched their Power My Life range back in 2016, bringing new, innovative power products to the marketplace. New products in the 2020 line-up include a brilliant new 8-in-1 USB C hub that launches later this month, as well as a much smaller, new hub that is designed specifically to make the most of the new Hex technology in Samsung devices! To go with these, QDOS has recently released their much anticipated Power Bank range, available in 5,000mAh, 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh sizes.

Power Bank


Availability in 2020

The www.qdossound.com website had an undercover make-over in 2019, moving to a new platform to enhance the user experience. All QDOS products will continue to be available here.

2020 also sees new opportunity for QDOS customers to more easily access product in the Middle East, as well as more options to shop in the UK this year. 

Innovation in 2020

Infinity Glass Defense has literally just shipped and can be talked about in terms of the most innovative product QDOS are currently working on. The Infinity Glass Defense is similar to the Infinity Glass, offering 360 glass screen protection, encasing the front and back of your device magnetically and seamlessly, with the added bonus of a drop-tested TPU rubber bumper. 

Another QDOS product that just launched in the Power My Life range is the PowerPlus mini car charger, unique in that it can deliver up to 60W of power through USB C when plugged into a 24V socket. Mighty power in a mini form!


Environmental Awareness in 2020

Last year, QDOS launched their ECO cases, a range of 100% biodegradable iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max cases. 1% of all revenue made from the ECO range goes straight to ‘1% for the planet’, an organisation that works with approved environmental charities. 


iPhone 11 Pro

2019 also saw QDOS making major changes company-wide to reduce their carbon footprint. QDOS packaging for the PRO:TECT range became eco-friendly in 2019 and because of the changes they made, they reduced the number of plastics entering the environment by 1.27 tonnes!

In 2020, QDOS will continue to work with 1% for the planet, and will continue to find spaces where they can reduce their carbon footprint. The team are currently working on changes to the packaging in the Power My Life range, to move towards a 0% plastics QDOS product line-up in 2020!

CEO and founder Susan expressed that she is incredibly proud of the QDOS team for making these changes to the packaging, and for continuing to identify and point out areas where QDOS can improve how they manufacture and ship product to be more eco-friendly.

A huge Happy New Year from the whole QDOS team! Check back next week to read our article about all of the Apple 2020 rumors in more detail. 

A blog by Gabrielle Lazareff.

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