04 Jan
New Technology to be excited for in 2018

Technology is amazing. Every year there are so many incredible breakthroughs and improvements that further mankind bringing many benefits to society. 2018 looks to be no different with plenty of advancements and new releases on the way. For instance, in 2018 there’s supposed to be one WiFi hotspot for every 20 people, that 400 million spots! And of course Elon Musk isn’t slowing down in 2018 on his quest to improve technology and save the human race. His most anticipated moment of the year looks to be the unveiling of the Hyperloop train to the public, essentially a 700mph transport made possible due to vehicles moving through low-pressure tubes, traveling faster due to less air resistance like a plane does at altitude. The rise of the machines is once again something to keep a look out for in 2018…ok they’re not quite there yet but robots are getting smarter and improvements in Artificial Intelligence has been visible in the past 12 months with many more credible sources suggesting that they will be the end of the human race, including Musk himself. Maybe judgment day could be a reality soon?

As a mobile accessories brand however, we’re not too focused on the threat of Skynet or Hyperloop Train. Instead, we’re looking at all the exciting releases in 2018 from such brands as Samsung, Google and Apple. What can we expect from them this year?

One of the most anticipated phones of 2018 will undoubtedly be the Samsung Galaxy S9. After many quoting the Galaxy S8 as phone of the year in 2017, it might be disappointing for the company to hear that the Apple launches from September outsold the cheaper S8, which will inevitably force Samsung to make the S9 even more appealing. Exciting times.

Google’s invasion of the mobile market continues to grow with the proposed release of the Google Pixel 3 in 2018. Many people were impressed with the Pixel 2 and as it runs on Android already, the transition to the device is made easier. Although we doubt this is any consolation to the hardcore Apple fans, a group who are notoriously difficult to pry away from the supreme iPhone.

Speaking of Apple, they themselves look to have a busy 2018. Not resting on the laurels of the ground-breaking iPhone X, they are set to release a broad range of devices throughout the year. The iPhone SE 2 looks to be set for early in the year, a welcome sight for those loyal to Apple but can’t afford/can’t justify splashing the cash for the iPhone X/8 Plus/8.
Undoubtedly the iPhone 9 or 11 will be released later in the year, which we hope will follow on from the iPhone X’s incredible transformation and will no doubt be one of the most anticipated phones of the year. It is also rumoured that they will release an iPhone X Plus at some point next year for the fans of the phablet.

In a different direction for Apple, already announced earlier this year, the Apple HomePod is set to be released in April. With the great success and popularity of Home assistants such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo, Apple have decided to muscle in on the market with a bigger, more expensive version that uses Siri. With a £359 price tag compared to £49.99 for the Amazon and Google devices, we wonder how much better the HomePod will have to be to justify such a price. It might look like only the hardcore Apple fans would choose this over the much cheaper, established devices. 

The big brands aren’t the only ones who are excited to have new products launching in 2018. Here at QDOS, we have plenty of new products to be released and get excited for, including a brand new Qi wireless charger, a mid-range ultra-durable charging cable, the recently released 3-in-1 cable and new OptiGuards for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A8. Find out more: