19 Jan
Big changes in store for the smartphone industry in 2017!

From Smartphones to Intelligent Phones? Big Changes Might be in Store for 2017

We’re just beginning the New Year, but over here at QDOS we’re already excited for all of the upcoming new smartphone releases and other tech developments due in 2017.

Technology evolves at breakneck speeds. Just ten years ago, smartphones weren’t even a thing. Now, it seems just about everyone has an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or other smartphone in their pocket.

We expect 2017 to be no different. New smartphones will be released, and new technologies, such as augmented reality, increasingly powerful AI, and even virtual reality, will continue to enter the market. Indeed, some companies believe that smartphones will soon morph into truly “intelligent” phones that are even more integrated into our lives. These developments should also create a range of opportunities for new smartphone accessories.

CES Was a Smartphone Cornucopia

If you’re familiar with the tech industry, then you know us technophiles like to get off to a fast start. 2017 was no different with smartphone and electronics manufacturers showing off a wide range of new tech and devices at the annual CES show.

Huawei unveiled its ambitions for “intelligent” phones that use advanced AI, sensors, and other technologies to become “hubs” for other Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. If Huawei’s vision comes true, our cars, refrigerators, and even our houses themselves could soon be connected to our “intelligent” phones via the web. Huawei looks set for continued success, and we’ve been developing glass screen protectors and other smartphone accessories for their phones.

In other news, Asus announced the ZenFone AR, which will utilize Google’s forthcoming AR and VR technologies, Tango and Daydream. We’re very excited to see what opportunities these advanced smartphone technologies are going to offer. Meanwhile, Blackberry is refusing to go quietly into the night, and is looking to launch another phone in a bid to recapture market share.

As a smartphone accessories company, we pay very close attention to smartphones. However, LG’s 2.5 mm TV (yes, millimeters, not centimeters) really caught our eye. These TV’s are essentially “wall paper” that you can stick to your wall with magnets. How cool is that?

Finally, popular Galaxy maker Samsung kept a low profile as far as smartphones go, but drummed up a lot of attention for its TV’s, Chromebooks and other devices.

The Ever-Present Elephant: The Upcoming iPhone 8

Apple is always the elephant in the room. Love them (we do!) or not, Apple is a trend setter, and few companies are as singularly important to the smartphone industry as they are. 2017 should be a big year for Apple and its iPhone line, which will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Just think how fast time travels, it was just a decade ago when Steve Jobs ushered in the smartphone era with the iconic iPhone.

Tons of rumors are already circulating. Many think this year’s edition will be called the iPhone Pro. Another popular iPhone 8 rumor is that it’ll have wireless charging and augmented reality. Many also believe that the iPhone 8 will sport a curved OLED screen. Given the benefits of OLED and curved screens, this could very well turn out to be true.

Many of the above trends have already been observed in other industry leading phones. Some believe the iPhone line has stagnated a bit (or at least isn’t evolving as quickly as the early days). As such, we wouldn’t be surprised if many of the above rumors and more turn out to be true.

Beyond the iPhone 8, some analysts think that an iPhone 7s could be released early on this year. An iPad Pro 2 might also be in the mix (own an iPad or looking to purchase one? Check out our iPad screen protectors and accessories). There are also rumors circulating that a self-driving Apple Car could be released this year, but we’d be surprised if one made it to the market in 2017.

What Will Next Generation Samsung Phones Look Like?

Another big name in the smartphone industry is, of course, Samsung. Most analysts are expecting the Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Edge to be released sometime around March or April. Samsung smartphones are always cutting edge, so we’re not sure what’s in store this year. Augmented reality and virtual reality features wouldn’t be a surprise. Neither would increased AI and voice control features.

What will be more interesting is whether or not Samsung will continue the Note line after the Note 7 fiasco. Will there be a Note 8? Could Samsung release a similar phablet under a different name? Or will the company abandon the phablet niche all together?

What 2017 Has in Store for QDOS

So, what are we planning to accomplish this year? We’re going to continue to build up our market presence in the smartphone industry with more smartphone screen protectors and other accessories. Our OptiGuard Glass screen protectors continue to be lauded by critics and customers, and we expect to provide protective smartphone screen protectors for even more models in 2017.

Even though our smartphone glass screen protectors are already industry leading, we’ll continue to refine them this year. New packaging is already in the mix, and we’re looking at several more advanced refinements, but we’re going to have to keep our “secret sauce” secret for now.

Meanwhile, we launched several new smartphone cases last year, and expect to continue offering new cases this year. We’re going to continue to launch fashion and ultra-protective cases for the iPhone, and are also exploring ways to expand our offerings to Samsung, and possibly other phone companies.

At the end of the month we’re going to launch our small, simple and oh-so-clever QDOS Universal Smartphone Ring Holders! Available in Silver, Gold, Black and Rose Gold, these ring holders give you added security when holding your phone. Simply slide a finger through the ring, and you’ll have a great grip on your device. It even doubles up as a cleverly designed, two-way stand!

We expect to launch even more products, innovations, and gadgets throughout 2017! To keep updated, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where we post exciting news, and even sneak peek at future products. Bring on 2017!