QDOS Case Recycling Program :

Return, Recycle, Reward

QDOS are focused on delivering sustainably designed and manufactured products and minimising our impact on our planet. By taking the lead and improving our own sustainability performance, we hope to inspire others to be more ecologically responsible.

Reducing our environmental impact is paramount, so we’ve launched our own recycling program for our cases. This program uses Zero Waste Box™ by TerraCycle® and the process is very simple for you to follow:

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Using our online contact form, let us know that you want to return your phone case to prevent it ending up in landfil. We'll send you a print-out to include in the envelope before you send it back to us

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We'll recieve your case at our warehouse. QDOS uses Zero Waste Box by TerraCycle® to recycle your case where it's then sorted, turned into plastic granules and transformed into new products.

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As a thank uou for taking action, you'll be rewarded with a £5/€5 voucher to use aganist your next QDOS purchase from our website!