Good things come in small packages

We sell beautiful, stylish, innovative products and we're proud to shout about it.

But we're so much more than that.

We care deeply about our planet and the people who live on it, and we know if you’re reading this then you do too.

Our recycling mission

When it comes to sourcing raw materials and the production process, we work closely with our factories to ensure that they comply with the most demanding environmental standards.

We also co-create with our factories to develop innovative sustainable techniques to help minimize our waste and consumption.

It’s an ongoing mission but one thing is certain - we’ll never stop learning, testing, and trying out new initiatives.

The statistics you WILL want to read

We have eliminated plastic from our products and packaging. Here’s how:

✔️100% recycle & recyclable - our packaging is made from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) recycled paper, the global standard bearer for responsible forestry.

✔️0% industrial glue - Absolutely NO glue is used in our packaging (we use a biodegradable water-based adhesive), which is held together thanks to solid folding techniques!

✔️100% soy-based ink - no more petroleum ink, so no harm done to the environment when you put our packaging in the recycling bin.... which we know you will!

✔️100% Paper based hook - our ‘hook’ (the bit that holds our products on the shelves in shops), is fully recyclable unlike many other products which still use plastic.

So what’s the bigger picture?

These innovations have reduced our use of raw materials by 35%

If you’re visualising the supply chain, think of it like this...

Our recycling scheme – start today and do your bit for the planet

To make the circular economy really work, we must transform and learn together.

Please help us achieve our goals by sending back your QDOS products via our recycling scheme. It’s quick and easy.

1️⃣ Return your products to us.

2️⃣ We’ll recycle them so that they go back into the production lifecycle.

3️⃣ Get your recycling reward discount for a future purchase.