About Us

We’ve been designing premium smartphone cases, screen protectors, power products & tech accessories since 2006.

When the first-generation Apple iPod shuffle burst onto the market, we were ready and waiting to launch our beautiful iPod cases, helping consumers safely carry ‘one thousand songs in their pockets’.

We move with the times, and today our beautiful and stylish products, designed for Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo & Honor fit seamlessly into your life, protecting, enhancing, and powering your technology.

Our Team

We’re a small but mighty team with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

From project management & logistics, all the way through to product design and marketing, we are a creative collective.

From the initial concept of a new product, we work alongside our raw materials suppliers, designers, manufacturers and resellers, to bring you the perfect balance of style and substance.

Our Head office is based in the UK, but our team of experts in France and China ensure that our operations are running smoothly across the supply chain.

Your technology is an extension of you - go ahead and express yourself

Whether you’re looking for understated elegance with a soft muted lavender, or you want to make a bold statement with a bright pop of yellow or coral, our accessories will make you feel proud to show off your technology.

When it comes to the feel-good factor, we consider touch and texture to be just as important as colour.

The soft, smooth feel of our phone cases adds a powerful but subtle dimension to the design, taking that premium, luxury element to the next level.

Design and innovation to help your technology last

In this fast-paced world, our technology lives alongside us, so it’s crucial that we can communicate, power up and listen when we’re on the move.

We want your technology to be protected for as long as possible, not only because it’s a sound investment, but because high quality design leads to less waste.

So, when we say our phone cases and screens are drop and shatter proof, you can trust that we’ve tested them to their limits before they reach you.

Our planet is our priority

We’re doing everything we can to create, move and produce in the most responsible and sustainable way, including;

Our sustainability mission involves:

  • Collaborating with manufacturers to install state of the art machinery which reduces water and energy consumption,

  • Working with our raw materials suppliers and manufacturers to reduce single use raw materials and increase the % of recycled raw materials,

  • Localising production & reducing our carbon footprint by establishing manufacturing lines in countries where we sell our largest number of products.

Follow our sustainability journey here.