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Introducing InMyBag

In the last 5 years, phones have adopted an increasingly pervasive presence in our day to day lives: 55% of UK adults use their smartphone within 15 minutes of waking up. InMyBag and QDOS are excited to be working together to help people protect them properly. 

InMyBag provides gadget insurance that repairs or replaces your phone within 24 hours. A real person will deal with your claim and help you straight away. You’re covered against loss, theft and damage, so you’re never without the tech you rely on. Research by InMyBag revealed that 40% of UK smartphones owners will damage their phone in the course of its lifetime, with the majority of them being uninsured.

Smartphones have dramatically changed the way we communicate, shop, bank, eat out and travel. Most noticeably smartphones have changed how we work, with more and more people working remotely from their phones. Smartphone technology has the potential to make the way we work faster, simpler and more efficient. With over half of the UK workforce regularly using their mobile phones for work*, it is essential that these devices are looked after.

However as mobile phones get more sophisticated, they are also getting more fragile. Gone is the Nokia 3310 that could survive a dip in the washing machine or a drop down the stairs unscathed; the smartphones of today are easily (and often!) breakable. The majority of phone repairs in the UK are for cracked screens. In 2017 many manufacturers have tried to make the glass in their new devices more protective, but the improvement has largely been incremental and most of them are still liable to smash easily when dropped. It seems all the big players are struggling to create a shatterproof glass that also meets consumer desire for the device to be light and sleek, despite much research.  

If you’re interested in the most common ways for people to damage or lose their phones, we’ve found a handy list for you: 

Dropping it in water (43%)
Accidentally putting it in the washing machine (42%)
Throwing it (22%)
Spilling something on it (20%)
Tripping and falling on it (20%)

Unsurprisingly, ‘kicked to the floor by a camel’ didn’t make it onto the list… Check it out here.

Despite this, 43% of people don’t bother to get their smartphone screens repaired, deeming the expense unaffordable. Taking some basic precautions such a using a strong and protective cover and getting your phone insured can eliminate this costly and unwelcome expense. 

This is made worse when you consider that after rapid development in mobile technology over the last 2 decades, smartphone innovation is stagnating somewhat, with market growth set at only 4% this year, according to the Financial Times. This, combined with the fact that handset prices are increasing steadily, has led many people to keep hold of their devices for longer, opting for SIM only deals when their contracts end. So, when screen cracks and owners can’t afford to replace them, they’re stuck with them for a while!

All this means that people are relying more heavily on smartphones that are costing them more. Adequately protecting your smartphone is becoming the wisest choice for many people, and so we are really excited to announce that customers can now easily insure their phones whilst purchasing products from QDOS. 

Find out more about InMyBag here.

*Deloitte UK 

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