Screen Protection

Choose the perfect protector for you

Your screen. Your eyes. Your data.

The latest screen protectors are tougher than tough - and not just for dents, cracks and scratches. As screens become larger and brighter, screen protector technology is also about caring for your privacy and your eyesight.

Protect your screen

Your phone can handle a lot of abuse if it’s well protected. The latest screen protectors keep out the dirt, dust and grime, reduce glare and help your screen to stay in tip-top condition. With a range of toughened glass and affordable film screens available, there are lots of reasons to cover up.

Protect your eyes

The blue light emitted by your screen is potentially damaging to your eyes and also interferes with the production of melatonin – the hormone that helps you sleep. The newest protector technology filters these harmful rays without changing the colours or clarity of your screen – and still gives you great general screen protection.

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Protect your data

Working on the train? Reading your emails in the park? Privacy protectors make sure that only you can see what’s on the screen. Affordable, easy to fit and offering quality screen protection, this is the best way to keep private stuff private.

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