08 Jul
Is it Safe to Use Any Charger With Any Phone? The Difference Between 20w vs 30w

It’s 3:33 pm, my iPhone 12 Pro has 8% charge. I’m plugging it into QDOS’s fast charging 20W PowerCube... Let’s see how this goes!

If you have purchased a new smartphone in the past 2 years, your device can likely be fast-charged. If your device doesn’t have the fast-charging feature, you may have wondered, is it safe to use any charger with any phone? 

The fast answer is yes! It is perfectly safe to use any certified charger wattage with any device. The reason for this is that the device only uses the wattage it can take… 

Will I fry my 20W phone by plugging it into a 30W charger?

Nope! Smartphones will only take up to the amount of power that they can use from the 30W charger. Your 20W phone will not be fried by a 30W charger. 

Will my 20W phone charge faster if it’s plugged into a 30W charger?

Your 20W phone will charge at the same speed with a 30W charger as with a 20W charger. The device takes up to the wattage it can take. A 20W phone can take up to 20W, which is what it would take while plugged into a 30W charger. 

Your 20W phone WILL charge faster plugged into a 30W charger compared to a 10W charger. 

Update, it’s 3:41 pm and my iPhone’s already at 26%... In 8 minutes, my phone’s charge has gone up 18%! 

Fast-charger manufacturers want to ensure that their chargers are safe to use. This is why this feature of devices only taking up to the Wattage that they can use from the charger is such an industry standard. Otherwise, we’d all be burning each other’s houses down when we mindlessly unplug our friend’s phone to plug in our 10W phone into their 50W fast-charger… don’t judge me, their phone charge was full!

Is a 20W charger the same thing as a 20W fast charger?

No! These offer two different charging speeds. Plugging a 20W phone into a 20W charger will charge the phone fine. Plugging a 20W phone into a 20W fast-charger will charge the phone much faster. 

Does fast-charge negatively impact battery life?

Nope! There is no concern around fast-chargers and the fast-charge feature being a concern in regards to battery life. 

It’s now 3:54 pm, it’s been 21mins since I plugged my iPhone 12 Pro into charge with the QDOS 20W Powercube fast-charger, and it’s now at 48%... I’m keeping this! The fast-charging feature is so incredibly practical… If you know you have 10 minutes before you need to head out, you can top up the charge on your phone by around 20%! 

Fast-charge is likely going to become an industry-standard in smartphones in the years to come. Luckily, the way that these devices and fast-chargers are designed, the question ‘is it safe to use any charger with any phone’ is one that we can confidently say yes to. 

It’s rumoured that a couple of models of the next iPhone range, expected to be released late September, will be able to be charged up to 30W which would be CRAZY fast charging. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest iPhone and Apple rumours. 

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It’s 4:03 pm and my iPhone’s at 61% charge. 53% charge in 30minutes.