14 Feb
iPhone 8 Speculation - What we want to see

With the iPhone 8 launching September 12th, we’ve made a list of what we’d love to see on the 10 Year anniversary Apple device, the iPhone 8.

1NEW design: As exciting as the iPhone 7 launch was, it’s fair to say it wasn’t a massive jump from the previous model, the iPhone 6s/6. The design was largely the same with the size and shape almost identical. Aside from the fiasco of the earphone jack removal, it didn’t really feel as ‘new’ as we probably all hoped for. We want to see something, totally and utterly new from Apple – something we haven’t seen before. It is their ten-year anniversary after all!
2Wireless charging: Wireless charging itself isn’t new; Samsung S6 launched with wireless charging back in 2015. Is 2017 finally the year Apple adopts wireless charging too? This does make you wonder though, will Apple create their own version of ‘wireless charging’, similar to how the Apple Watch charges? Apple have created their own charging solutions up until now, such as their lightning connectors, so should wireless charging be implemented in the iPhone 8, we reckon it will be an Apple original design. 
3Curved edges: The majority of team QDOS are Apple users, however, we were all utterly in love with the stunning curved edges on the Samsung S7 edge screen. That being said, we’d like to see this incorporated with the new iPhone.
4Camera: The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cameras have certainly had a big upgrade since the iPhone 6s/6. The iPhone 7 camera uses a 12-megapixel camera with a f/1.8 aperture that lets 50% more light in. This means that this device is better than ever at taking photos in low-light. However, if you compare this to the Samsung S7 Camera which uses a f/1.7 aperture, the results of low-light photos taken by iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7 shows the Samsung S7 as a clear winner. Even comparing to the Google Pixel low-light camera, it is visible the iPhone 7 camera falls behind. We hope that Apple will take a page from Samsung and Google's book here and continue to improve their camera in the iPhone 8!
Photo from phandroid.com Oct 21st 2016
With potentially only a few months to wait, we’re already counting down the days here at the QDOS offices. We don’t think we’re asking for too much Apple!