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Power on the go

SharePort is the tidy and efficient solution for in-car charging. With a detachable extension hub for easy storage and a 3x USB port car charger, SharePort is powerful enough to charge three smartphones and a tablet all at once.

£ 29.99 GBP £ 20.99 GBP

Cleverly designed to suit all car passengers’ needs for power, QDOS SharePort comes in two parts. The 3x port car charger is perfect for two passengers, with output powerful enough to charge 2x smartphones and a tablet simultaneously! When you’re travelling with more passengers, the 1.5m long cable on the extension hub  gives backseat passengers access to power. Simply plug the extension hub into the third USB port on the car charger, and everyone’s happy!



  • 3x port car charger with detachable 1.5m USB cable with 2x port (2A,1A) extension hub
  • Charge up to x4 devices simultaneously
  • Easy access to power for front and backseat passengers

Car Charger

  • 3x port USB car charger with 5.7A total output (1A,1A,3.7A)
  • Black, soft-touch finish

Hub Extension

  • Black, soft-touch finish with blue LED charging indicator
  • Hub clips onto backseat pocket for secure fit
  • Detachable for easy stowage when not in use


In the box

1 x QDOS SharePort Hub Extension
1 x QDOS SharePort Car Charger
1 x User Guide

Small details

SharePort is the tidy solution to in-car power. By designing the extension hub so that it is detachable, it means when you’re not using it, it can easily be put away. The extension hub also has a clip on the back of it, meaning when it is in use, it simply clips neatly onto the back of the  front passenger’s chair!

Power My Life

As time goes on, technology is advancing in ways which makes our mobile life easier, and that includes access to power. Our methodology is power should be simple, with easy access where and when you need it most, keeping you connected when and where it’s most important. Our Power My Life range includes products that offer just that; easy access to power in the simplest way.

Watch the Animation

We've put together a fun little animation to show you why the SharePort really is the most convenient in-car charging solution! 


£ 29.99 GBP £ 20.99 GBP