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Welcome to the new world of outdoor sound. Q-PUK is a small, light, robust and waterproof speaker that lets you enjoy all of your music and streaming in any environment.

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Q-PUK is an original speaker design that gives you exceptional sound quality in a small, portable speaker that’s waterproof and dust proof. Simply pair with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to enjoy superior sound on the rock-face, the mountain trail, in the kayak, at the campsite or when you’re trekking. With rechargeable battery and up to 8 hours playback, it’s the perfect piece of outdoor kit.

  • 100% waterproof - IP67 dust and waterproof standard
  • Compact (87x85x34mm), lightweight design
  • Delivers clear sound with crisp playback through its 3W speaker
  • NFC-enabled for faster Bluetooth pairing
  • Wireless speaker range up to 10m and rechargeable battery
  • Music pauses automatically for hands-free conversation 

Suitable for any device with Bluetooth audio functionality.

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QDOS Q-PUK waterproof speaker
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A speaker you can rely on

We’ve been asked about outdoor speakers – and Q-PUK is our answer. Weighing less than your phone, made from rugged materials and tested to the IP67 standard – which makes it waterproof rather than simply water resistant – this is a speaker that you can use in the shower, take out on the water, clip onto your rucksack when you’re trekking or hang outside your tent when you’re camping.

Big sound, small speaker

Q-PUK is designed to give you fantastic sound without needing to be wrapped in cotton wool. It can withstand depths of up to 1m, and be submerged for up to 30 minutes, so if you do drop it, just shake off the excess water and your Q-PUK will still work. It’s designed to belt out your favourite tunes even in the harshest environment. Go on, we dare you.

The Q-PUK Waterproof Speaker

Bluetooth, Waterproof and ready for the great outdoors
Big sound in a small package, Travel with confidence and turn up the tunes
Designed with you in mind, The Q-PUK will keep up with you wherever, whenever

Anytime, anywhere, any tune

People on the go choose Q-PUK because it’s the complete package. Pair it and go – no worries about it getting splashed or dropped in the water; no worries about losing it because it clips onto your belt or your bag; no worries about it fading out when you need it most. For extreme sports, adventurous travelling, simple camping out and festival fun – it’s the does-everything-can’t-beat-it speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Q-PUK pairs with your device via Bluetooth. Make sure you activate the Bluetooth function of your device and turn on the Q-PUK. Whilst you search for devices, the Q-PUK pairing will appear on your screen. When you select this, and see that the device is ‘connected’, you will have successfully paired your device to the Q-PUK and can begin to play your music!

What happens if my Q-PUK will not connect with my device?

Clear your Bluetooth list of all the previous devices you have connected to. Your device should then search again for something to pair to. The name ‘Q-PUK’ should appear on the list and then you can select it and the Q-PUK will make a beeping sound when it is connected.

How waterproof is the Q-PUK?

The Q-PUK is a waterproof speaker and is protected against accidental water ingress for a rugged outdoor or indoor use. Your QDOS Q-PUK is IP67 tested and certified submersible up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. It is not designed for use as an underwater speaker. It is recommended to shake off any excess surface water and dry your Q-PUK before re-use to get back to optimal performance.

My Q-PUK is beeping, what does this mean?

This means that the battery is low and this beeping is a reminder to re-charge your Q-PUK. You can do this by turning of the Q-PUK and charging it with the micro-USB charging cable provided. The red LED light will remain on whilst charging and your Q-PUK will be fully charged again in under two hours. Remember to turn off the Q-PUK using the power button once you have finished listening to your music.

Will my Q-PUK charge through my PC/laptop?

Yes – you can charge your Q-PUK from any PC, Mac or power adaptor. Just use the USB cable provided. Fully insert the USB into the port, and the micro USB into the Q-BOPZ. In some cases, you’ll need to check that your computer or laptop is not in sleep mode, or your Q-PUK may not be able to charge.

Any other questions?

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? For any other questions or feedback just contact our customer service team. We’re friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to help you out. We could even add your question to our FAQ pages to help out other people!

Q-PUK Waterproof speaker

£ 39.99 GBP £ 19.99 GBP