Q-BOPZ - Candy - Blue

For Smartphones, Tablets

Sweet as Candy?

It’s time to add some life to your party with the good-enough-to-eat Q-BOPZ Candy. These colourful suction speakers throw out fantastic quality sound, and come with integrated LED lights to brighten up your playlist and light up the party.

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  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Red
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Once you’ve tried Q-BOPZ, you’ll be hooked – and that’s especially true for these bright, silicone-wrapped Candy versions. With all the features of an original Q-BOPZ, including clever suction pad, 3W speaker, volume and track control and long battery life, Candy is made from transparent polycarbonate and silicone to make the most of clever internal LED lighting, and is available in a range of super-sweet colours.

  • Compact (62 x 59mm) lightweight design, wrapped in transparent silicone
  • Sticks to any suitable surface – glass windows, dashboards, desks, walls.
  • Internal LED lights with on/off switch
  • Delivers clear sound with crisp playback through its 3W speaker
  • Wireless speaker range up to 10m and rechargeable battery
  • Music pauses automatically for hands-free conversation

Most Bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung, other Android smartphones and tablets, most PCs and Macs.

In the box

QDOS Q-BOPZ® Candy Bluetooth speaker
USB to micro-USB charging cable
User Guide
See our Declaration of Conformity

Great sounds on the move

We get great feedback from Q-BOPZ users, which means we’ve done the right thing focusing on excellent sound quality and an easy-to-use speaker design. Candy uses colourful transparent silicone that’s robust and good-looking, and we’ve included LED lights to make this Q-BOPZ design the life and soul of the party.

Smart design

Q-BOPZ is a constantly-evolving product design where we keep the functionality that everyone loves and let our imaginations run wild with the look and feel. These sweetie-inspired speakers use luscious colours and internal lighting to create a mobile speaker that could be out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We love having it around whether we’re using it or not!

QDOS QBOPZ Candy Bluetooth speaker collection

Keep on playing

Of course, one of the key features of Q-BOPZ is its playing time. We worked hard on the original design to make sure it had a long battery life, and we’ve retained that feature for Q-BOPZ Candy. That means you can take it anywhere and use it to play music or audio stream for up to 7 hours – the perfect centre to our Candy exterior.

QDOS QBOPZ Candy Green Bluetooth speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Q-BOPZ® pairs with your smart device via Bluetooth. You just need to make sure your device’s Bluetooth is switched on, select QDOS and you will be connected and able to enjoy your music straight away.

Can I turn the LED lights on/off once it’s paired to my device?

Yes, absolutely! Once the Q-BOPZ Candy is connected to your device, the LED lights will remain on. If you wish to turn them off, you press twice on the play button. To turn them back on again, you simply press twice again on the play button.

Will my Q-BOPZ® charge through my PC/laptop?

Yes – you can charge Q-BOPZ® from any PC, Mac or power adaptor. Just use the USB cable provided. Fully insert the USB into the port, and the micro USB into the Q-BOPZ®. In some instances you’ll need to check that your computer or laptop is not in sleep mode, or Q-BOPZ® won’t be able to charge.

Why can’t I see the red light when charging? Does this mean the Q-BOPZ® is broken?

Not necessarily. You may have difficulty seeing the charging light through the silicone in some of the darker colour Q-BOPZ® speakers. You can always see the red light in a dark room, and there is a sound that indicates that Q-BOPZ® is being charged. If you’re having real difficulties, get in touch with our customer services team.

My music is breaking up. Why is this?

Your device might be too far away from the Q-BOPZ® and that affects the quality of the connection between your device and the speaker. Make sure your device is within 10 metres of the Q-BOPZ®, with a clear line of sight. Your music should then be fine!

What happens if my Q-BOPZ® will not connect with my device?

Clear your Bluetooth list of all the previous devices you have connected to. Your device should then search again for something to pair to. The name ‘Candy’ should appear on your list. Select it to pair with your speaker. The Q-BOPZ® will make a beeping sound when it is connected.

Any other questions?

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? For any other questions or feedback just contact our customer service team. We’re friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to help you out. We could even add your question to our FAQ pages to help out other people!

Q-BOPZ - Candy

£ 19.99 GBP £ 9.99 GBP