PowerSteel Dual Port Car Charger

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Metal Dual Port Car Charger

The QDOS PowerSteel dual port car charger offers 2.4A and 2.4A for smartphones, tablets, navigation systems and more. The metal material and sleek ‘ripple’ design gives this portable charger its premium look and feel. The weight of this charger matched with the cleverly designed tip offers an additional safety feature for breaking most car windows in case of an emergency.

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The benefit of a dual port car charger is that it ensures easy, simple charging for multiple devices. You don’t need to choose between your navigation system or your smartphone with this car charger, you can charge both ! With a total output of 4.8A, you can have confidence that two devices will charge quickly and safely.

  • Premium, dual port (2.4A and 2.4A) car charger
  • Bronze material and sleek ‘ripple’ design gives it premium look and feel
  • Car charger weight (76g) and tip cleverly designed to easily break most car windows in an emergency
  • Input: DC: 12-24V; Output: DC 5V. Output (wattage): 15W
  • Ultra-compact for easy transportation and stowage when not in use
  • Pair with PowerSteel Cable range for happy charging all around! PowerSteel Micro-USB cable, PowerSteel Lightning Cable, PowerSteel USB-C Cable (cables not included)


In the box
  • 1 x QDOS PowerSteel Dual Port Car Charger
  • 1 x User Guide

The Weight of Quality

What is one of the important ways to judge the quality of jewellery? Its weight! The heavier it is the more it is thought to be made of noble materials. And it is the same for this car charger. Just pick it up and take it in hand to feel its quality; it has the weight of those beautiful objects that resist the passage of time. Add to that the ripple effect design on its side and you have a thing of beauty, a touch of elegance. A jewel of technology.

Power My Life

As time goes on, technology is advancing in ways which makes our mobile life easier, and that includes access to power. Our methodology is that power should be simple, with easy access where and when you need it most, keeping you connected when and where it’s most important. Our Power My Life range includes products that offer just that; easy access to power in the simplest way.

PowerSteel Dual Port Car Charger

£ 24.99 GBP £ 20.99 GBP