OptiGuard® Magnetic Privacy Filter

MacBooks, MacBook Air 13"

Keep your work private.

The OptiGuard® Magnetic Privacy is an easily detachable filter for your MacBook Air 13” that lets you see what’s on your screen, but shields it from others by limiting the field of vision to 60°. With reversible sides for anti-glare or darker conditions, it’s perfect for commuters, regular travellers and anyone who wants to keep things private. Includes a protective pouch to store the screen protector after use.

£ 69.99 GBP £ 59.99 GBP
  • Anti-glare, anti-spy

Protect your data from shoulder-surfers in public places, buses, trains and waiting rooms with OptiGuard® Magnetic Privacy. The privacy filter narrows the field of vision to 60° left/right. At only 0.58mm thin, the screen protector fits the MacBook Air 13” perfectly. The easy attach magnetic design allows you to use it conveniently when you need to. Glare reduction creates a comfortable viewing experience as light reflection is minimised. The screen protector is reversible, with one matte side and one glossy side to suit every environment. There is an additional pouch to store and keep the screen protector safe after use.

  • Protect your private data from wandering eyes, by limiting the field of vision to 60° with OptiGuard® Magnetic Privacy filter
  • 0.58mm thin, perfect fit for the MacBook Air 13”
  • Easy Magnetic attach, reattach design
  • Comfortable viewing experience, with glare reduction
  • Reversible: one side matte, and the other glossy to support different environments
  • Additional pouch to store and keep the screen protector safe after use

MacBook Air 13"

In the box

1x QDOS OptiGuard® Magnetic Privacy

1x Pouch

For your eyes only

Tightly-packed commuter trains and buses are difficult places to retain your privacy. But with OptiGuard Glass Privacy, you can ensure that you’re the only person who can see your screen. The screen protector is cleverly designed so that anyone looking at the screen from an angle just sees a blank screen – helping you to keep things to yourself.

At work or at play

Commuting to and from work means that you could be answering sensitive emails on your smartphone in a coffee shop, or just enjoying some downtime in your lunch-hour, looking through those photos from the weekend. Browse, respond and connect with complete confidence that you’re the only one that can see what you’re doing.

OptiGuard® Magnetic Privacy Filter

£ 69.99 GBP £ 59.99 GBP