MATRIX - Charcoal-Stone

For iPhone 8, iPhone 7

Carved to perfection

An original dot-work design has been carved to perfection, and paired with a striking muted colour scheme. Wearing MATRIX isn’t just about looks though. This case has been dipped in liquid silicone, giving it a premium soft-touch finish; you’ll never want to put your iPhone down! For low profile luxury in the palm of your hand, MATRIX is the one.  

£ 19.99 GBP £ 21.24 GBP
  • Charcoal-Stone
  • Stone-Charcoal
  • Midnight blue-Lavender

Expertly crafted with an original dot-work design, and with a soft-touch, liquid silicone finish, MATRIX is a treat to look at and to touch. Designed specifically to fit the iPhone, and in gorgeous muted colour schemes, MATRIX keeps the iPhone protected from those everyday knocks, while keeping its integrity and highlighting the beautiful Apple design. This case has been cleverly designed with a discreet raised edge to protect your screen when placed face down. 

  • Luxurious, rigid case with a striking, dot-work design
  • Dipped in liquid silicone, premium soft-touch finish
  • Expertly crafted using dual-injection technology, marrying two muted colours for a high-fashion appearance
  • Nothing to hide with the same finish and design inside and out
  • All cut-outs specifically designed to accommodate the iPhone
  • Can be worn with OptiGuard™ Glass Protect (OptiGuard™ not included)

iPhone 8
iPhone 7

In the box


In the palm of your hand

Carved to perfection

Expertly crafted with an original dot-work design

What is premium?

Premium is attention to detail. Premium is sourcing the best quality materials. Premium is design with the consumers’ needs in mind. Premium is MATRIX.

Why wear a case?

When it looks and feels as good as MATRIX, there’s no reason not to! MATRIX has been expertly crafted using dual-injection technology to offer a high-fashion, premium appearance for your iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, while offering protection from those every day knocks.


£ 19.99 GBP £ 21.24 GBP