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For iPhone 5c

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Chalkies cases offer high protection, with a rigid, well-fitting structure that is ultra-light. Designed to fit the iPhone 5c, it’s a snap-on case that’s easy to take on and off, offering secure protection for your phone all the time.

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  • Wordsearch
  • Union Jack
  • Never Say Never

This popular range of lightweight cases uses a unique soft-touch matt finish that looks just like slate. To add a “too cool for school” look, we’ve created a chalked-on effect for our three fun designs – Chalkies UK, Never Say Never and Wordsearch.

  • Sleek lightweight form-fitting rigid case
  • Simply snaps in place for a secure fit
  • Stylish protection from shocks, scuffs and dust
  • Easy access to all controls and jacks

iPhone 5c

In the box
  • 1x QDOS Chalkies case

What's it made from?

All our Chalkies cases are made from polycarbonate – a high-performance material that’s used in the display cases at the Museum of Modern Art, in the roof of the UEFA 2012 Slaski megastadium and in bullet-proof windows. It’s pretty tough!

Chalkies union Jack

Who had the design idea?

We have a team of designers who understand that great things happen when you mix intelligent materials with excellent design. The chalkboard idea harks back to old school days, whilst the hand-drawn designs give the cases a contemporary feel.

Chalkies wordsearch

Is it for me?

If you love vintage style and like to live on the rebellious side of life, Chalkies are perfect for you. Strong matt black background and free-hand red and white details add real personality to your phone.

Chalkies collection


£ 14.99 GBP £ 7.99 GBP