Câble USB-C PowerSteel


Metal USB to USB-C Cable

The QDOS PowerSteel USB-C cable is the ideal solution to your charging and syncing needs. Supports Quick-Charge™ for your convenience. While your device is charging, a subtle green light pulses and will then stop to let you know when your device is fully charged. Made from premium, long-wearing metal, this cable is ultra-durable, preventing tangling, knots and breaks.

£ 17.49 GBP £ 24.99 GBP
  • Silver

Le câble USB-C PowerSteel est fabriqué à partir de métal haut de gamme durable. La conception a permis un léger étirement du métal qui empêche les enchevêtrements, les nœuds et les ruptures avec une utilisation régulière. En d'autres termes, ce câble est conçu pour durer!

  • Premium metal, 1m long USB to USB-C cable in silver
  • Supports Quick-Charge™ and data transfer
  • Subtle green LED indicator pulses while your device is charging and turns off when device is fully charged
  • Reversible USB-C connector
  • Made from long-wearing durable material that prevents tangling, knots and breaks.
  • USB 2.0 connector. USB-C 3.0 connector (transfer speed 5GB).

USB-C compatible devices

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  • QDOS PowerSteel USB-C Cable
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Why buy a cable made from metal?

The reason we have used metal for this cable is to give it longevity. The most common cause of breakages in cables is wear and tear at the connector ends. We wanted to build a cable that lasts, so that’s just what we’ve done!

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Câble USB-C PowerSteel

£ 17.49 GBP £ 24.99 GBP