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Sharing is Caring

Charge your Android smartphone from your friends, on the go with the QDOS PowerShare cable! We’re all taught that sharing is caring, and we all know how important it is these days to stay connected. As well as its standard charge and sync features, this clever micro-USB cable has an additional micro-USB connector integrated in the USB, meaning with one simple click, you can share power from a friend’s Android smartphone to yours!

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PowerShare est un câble de charge et de synchronisation USB vers Micro-USB de 1 m de long, mince, noir, mais ce câble a un truc dans sa manche, littéralement! D'un simple clic, l'extrémité du connecteur USB se transforme en micro-USB, permettant le partage de l'alimentation entre deux smartphones Android, de sorte que vous aurez toujours accès à l'alimentation où que vous soyez! Lorsque la fonction de partage d'alimentation n'est pas utilisée, le micro-USB se réenclenche simplement dans l'USB pour des fonctions de charge et de synchronisation régulières. Dans le cadre de la stratégie Power My Life, PowerShare vous offre de la puissance là où vous en avez le plus besoin et quand vous en avez le plus besoin, vous permettant de rester connecté au moment le plus important.

  • Convertible USB to Micro-USB charge and sync cable
  • Charge from car charger, wall charger, computer; supports data transfer
  • USB includes integrated micro-USB connector
  • USB connector end converts to micro-USB, allowing power share between two android smartphones
  • Thin, lightweight 1m black cable

Android smartphones
Power share feature requires OTG compatible Android smartphones

In the box

QDOS PowerShare; Convertible USB to Micro-USB cable
User Guide

Powerful little cable

We couldn’t create a power range without a cable, but how could we just make a regular micro-USB to USB charge and sync cable? You’ve seen enough of those around! We want to innovate, and so we asked ourselves, what if a cable could be the power supply when you have none? All you need is PowerShare, and a buddy with some juice in their Android smartphone!

Power My Life

As time goes on, technology is advancing in ways which makes our mobile life easier, and that includes access to power. Our methodology is power should be simple, with easy access where and when you need it most, keeping you connected when and where it’s most important. Our Power My Life range includes products that offer just that; easy access to power in the simplest way.

Watch the Animation

We've put together a fun little animation to show you why the PowerShare is a must have for any Android users for a unique way of sharing power on the go! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can PowerShare work with my tablet?

The PowerShare cable can charge and sync your Android tablet from a power source, however the power share feature won’t work with your tablet. The power share feature is only possible between two OTG compatible Android smartphones.

Is PowerShare available for Apple devices?

Unfortunately not, and this is due to technology in the Apple devices. iPhones have technology in them which stops you taking its power to charge another device. For this reason, your Apple iPhone wouldn’t be able to give its power to another device.

However, if you have a micro-USB to Lightening adapter, you can charge your iPhone from an OTG compatible Android Smartphone!

How do I charge my Android smartphone from another Android smartphone?

The USB connector on the PowerShare converts into a micro-USB! All you have to do is hold the white button in and slide the micro-USB out. You should hear a click when the micro-USB is fully extended.

Similarly to the regular charge and sync feature where you plug the USB into the power source, you plug the converted micro-USB end into the Android smartphone which is giving the power, and the regular micro-USB end into the Android smartphone which needs charging. 

Any other questions?

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? For any other questions or feedback just contact our customer service team. We’re friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to help you out. We could even add your question to our FAQ pages to help out other people!


£ 9.99 GBP £ 4.99 GBP