iPhone 6s/6

Any way you look at it

A highly innovative, low profile case for the iPhone 6s/iPhone 6, the Portland folds to stand your phone either portrait or landscape – offering our best-in-class protection all the time. Simple design; beautifully realised. 

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Un écran de téléphone plus grand vous permet d'en faire plus et d'en voir plus. Portland vous offre la possibilité de regarder votre téléphone en mode portrait ou paysage, entièrement mains libres. La conception unique et ultra-mince est robuste et facile à utiliser, avec une coque interne intelligente qui offre à votre téléphone une protection supplémentaire.

  • Designed to fit iPhone 6s and iPhone 6
  • Unique lightweight bi-fold stand design
  • Integrated cover for extra protection
  • Easy snap fit with access to all phone controls
  • Dual-layered mix of soft and hard materials for shock absorbent finish

iPhone 6s
iPhone 6

In the box
  • 1x QDOS Portland bi-fold case

Innovative materials

You’ve invested in the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 because you want to do more. And so do we. Portland gives you the protection you want and the versatility you need. Using dual-layered rigid PC and flexible TPU, we’ve created a unique, robust folding mechanism that allows you to flip the case into a stand for portrait or landscape use – and that looks just as fabulous as a standard case.

An elegant solution

What a design challenge. An ultra-thin, low profile case that offers excellent protection, but folds into a highly functional two-way stand. Integrated cut-outs for a brand new iPhone design, no obvious mechanism and an affordable price. The innovative design and brilliant look of our Portland case is the result, and we know that you’re going to love it.

QDOS Portland

The 2-in-1 iPhone case…protect and display.

Move, adjust and tilt, portrait or landscape,
movie or skype call – it’s your call.

The Portland does it all with ease and style,
available in 3 colours.

Stand up for originality

We stand for design excellence, product quality and real originality. Portland gives you the best of all worlds, with great day-to-day protection for your phone, along with easy practicality and a design statement that you carry with you every day. Love attention to detail? This one’s for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Portland case work?

The innovative Portland case can stand your iPhone in either portrait or landscape viewing mode. This means you can FaceTime friends with ease or watch a movie in comfort without the need to hold your phone, ultimate convenience.

How is my iPhone protected?

Essentially the Portland protects, using a shell case and a mixture of soft and hard materials. The Portland is a dual layered case created for shock absorbance and will protect the back, sides and contours of your iPhone.

Why is there an internal cover?

The internal cover is integral to the Portland case’s functionality. The inner cover enables the stand panels to be positioned and re-positioned and the phone to be removed from the outer casing with ease.

Can I use the inner cover on its own?

The inner cover can also be used on its own as a slim-line stylish protective cover when the stand functionality is not needed, its 2 products in 1!

Will I still have access to the headphone and charging ports whilst in use?

Yes, the Portland has been designed with total functionality in mind, The Portland will allow the majority of headphones and chargers on the market to be used simultaneously.

What models of phone does the Portland fit?

Currently the Portland case is designed exclusively for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively, available in three eye catching colours. Please ensure you chose the correct case for the model of your iPhone.

Any other questions?

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? For any other questions or feedback just contact our customer service team. We’re friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to help you out. We could even add your question to our FAQ pages to help out other people!


£ 24.99 GBP £ 12.99 GBP