PocketPods for AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro

Lightweight, protective case for AirPods Pro

This easy to carry, anti-slip case will safeguard your Airpods from scratches without compromising the beauty of it. Precision cut-outs specifically designed for the Apple AirPod Pros ensures easy access to all ports and buttons. Compatible with wireless charging.

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  • Black
  • Midnight Green
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For those looking for a simple, lightweight and protective case solution for your Apple AirPods Pro, the PocketPod Pro is a great choice. This handy, super snug and compact case protect your AirPod Pros from cracks and scratches. The PocketPod Pro perfectly fits your AirPod Pros as they are made with high precision cutouts for all ports and buttons. A liquid silicone material is used for an easy grip along with a splash of colour to add style and personality. LED lights are visible through the front of the case and it is compatible with wireless charging.

  • Protective, portable liquid silicone case designed for Apple AirPods Pro
  • Super lightweight, slim design for no added bulk; easy to transport
  • Liquid silicone material for an easy grip, snug fit and scratch resistance
  • Precision cut-outs for easy access to charging port 
  • Visible LED light through the front of case
  • Wireless charging compatible

Apple AirPods Pro

In the box

1x QDOS PocketPod Pro Case

Simple protective solution

This easy-grip solution ensures your AirPods don’t slide away on the gym floor, at the work desk or on the train home.
The silicone also provides a snug fit and scratch resistance for your favourite wireless earphones.

PocketPods for AirPods Pro

£ 14.99 GBP £ 0.00 GBP