Fusion HD

iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus

Pure and simple

A cleverly-engineered completely transparent 2-piece case with tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus, offering the latest in materials technology to give you 360° protection without compromising on usability.

Also available for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SEiPhone 6s/6, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+.

£ 24.99 GBP £ 12.99 GBP

Mince, léger et élégant, Fusion HD offre une protection complète pour votre téléphone. Nos concepteurs ont conçu un étui intelligent en deux pièces qui fonctionne en parfaite harmonie avec un protecteur d'écran en verre trempé pour que votre téléphone soit parfait et reste en sécurité. En utilisant une technologie de pointe pour fusionner le verre et le polycarbonate cristal en une seule solution, il s'agit d'un design moderne à son meilleur. 

  • 2-in-1 protective solution for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus
  • Crystal effect case and tempered glass screen protector
  • 360° protection for your phone
  • Ultra-slim, ultra-fitted and ultra-compact
  • Premium Japanese glass

iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 6 Plus

In the box
  • 1x Fusion HD Crystal effect case for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus
  • 1x Premium Japanese tempered glass screen protector
  • Micro-Fibre cleaning cloth
  • Dust Remover sticker
  • Application Instructions

Minimal look, maximum impact

Our product development is led by two key elements: quality and design. Everything has to look fantastic and be functional, long-lasting and a delight to use. We love the crystal clear finish on the Fusion HD, which means you have full access to the high-quality iPhone Retina HD display and the stunning design of your iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus.

Marvellous materials

We’re excited about this product because of the fusion of quality materials that results in excellent protection and a great finish. Using premium Japanese tempered glass for the screen protector gives you modern, lightweight and reliable protection, whilst the crystal effect case has been precision-engineered to wrap around your phone in two parts, clipping together for complete security.

Simply sensational

This iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus case is a delight to the senses. The clarity of the two-part crystal polycarbonate case means you still get the full effect of Apple’s iconic iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus design. A tough coating on the case itself means less chance of scratches, giving it a smooth feel; and precision engineering means all your ports and sockets are available, so you can see and hear everything. 

Fusion HD

£ 24.99 GBP £ 12.99 GBP