ETCH Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Glass. Style. Protect.

Etch is tempered glass like you’ve never seen it before. This beautifully engraved case defies the conventional characteristics of glass, to give you a super-stylish solution to protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Compatible with OptiGuard™.

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  • Carbon
  • Prysm

QDOS ‘ETCH’ is a tempered glass case like no other. The aesthetically engraved black glass back adds a unique modern twist to regular tempered glass and adds plenty of style and personality. At any angle, ETCH elegantly catches the light, creating a 3D illusion while the engraved lines add texture and improve grip. The flexible TPU edges make it easy to take on and off, providing you with iconic protection against everyday impact.

  • QDOS ETCH for iconic protection
  • Beautifully engraved tempered glass back panel
  • Unique textured design, adds style, personality and improves grip
  • Flexible TPU edges for easy on/off offers protection against everyday impact
  • Like nothing you’ve seen before, a glass back that beautifully catches the light
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Can be worn with OptiGuard™ Tempered glass screen protectors (OptiGuard™ not included)
iPhone 11 Pro Max
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ETCH Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

£ 29.99 GBP £ 0.00 GBP