Chargeur sans fil AirMat Qi

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The Matte Wireless Charger

QDOS AirMat is the convenient solution to your wireless charging needs, supporting Apple’s 7.5W quick charge for iPhone and 10W Fast Charge™ for Samsung and other enabled smartphones. The clever, non-slip design and 1.5m USB-micro-USB cable (included), is perfect for use in home/office/car. Raised edges and a central indicator aligns your smartphone with the Qi coil to maximise its full charging potential. Case friendly with cases up to 3mm thick. Qi Certified.

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QDOS AirMat est la solution pratique à vos besoins de charge sans fil. Il contient une bobine de charge et des bords surélevés pour maximiser le potentiel de charge de votre smartphone. L'AirMat certifié Qi prend en charge la charge rapide 7,5 W pour iPhone, 10 W Fast Charge ™ pour Samsung et d'autres appareils compatibles. La conception antidérapante le rend idéal pour une utilisation à la maison, au bureau et en voiture. L'indicateur LED et le FOD permettent une charge sûre. Comprend un câble USB-micro-USB de 1,5 m, compatible avec les étuis jusqu'à 3 mm d'épaisseur.

  • Qi wireless charging pad with single charging coil for convenient and instant charging when smartphone is placed on the mat.
  • Maximum output 10W: Supports Apple’s 7.5W quick charge for iPhone and 10W Fast Charge™ for Samsung and other enabled smartphones.
  • Includes USB-micro-USB charging cable (1.5m length)
  • Wireless charging distance: 8mm
  • Non-slip, stylish design makes it perfect for use in the home/office
  • Case friendly with cases up to 3mm thickness and do not contain a battery/other material
  • LED status indicator to determine charging and foreign object detection

Universal: Qi compatible smartphones (iPhone Xs/X, 8 Plus/8, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+, S9/S9+, S8/S8+...)

In the box

1x AirMat 10W Qi wireless charging pad
1x USB to micro-USB charging cable (1.5m length)
1x User Guide

Phone falling fears?

Fear no longer. The wireless charger is made with clever non-slip materials along with raised edges to make sure even your glass-backed phone is safely secured whilst charging, lowering the chances of any accidental falls or knocks.

How can I make the most of Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging, although now not a new feature, is becoming more recognised by the regular consumer with Apple’s recent device launches of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Whilst some people are reluctant to make the switch from wired charging from the fear of the unknown, some have purchased a wireless charger and may not realise they are not using it to its full potential. Read more.

Simple Setup

Take a look at our amazing AirMat Wireless charger in action with the new iPhone 8 Plus, compatible with the latest iPhones and Samsung devices.

Chargeur sans fil AirMat Qi

£ 49.99 GBP £ 49.99 GBP