11 Nov

What is a VPN? How To Keep Your Data Protected

Using an incognito window is like closing your door without locking it and asking people to knock. You still have time to tidy up a bit before people come in, but sometimes people barge in unannounced without being invited. What’s a VPN? And why should you have one?

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16 Oct

What’s New About The iPhone 13?

What’s new about the iPhone 13? Probably more than you think! While it's true that the design hasn't changed much, it’s what’s inside that counts...

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29 Sep

The New iPhone SE is set to be launched in Spring 2022: Here's what you need to know

Will the iPhone SE see upgrades every year moving forward? What new features will we see on the newest iPhone SE? What can we expect as an announcement at the Apple Spring Event in 2022?

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14 Sep

A Look Back On MagSafe: What Do iPhone 12 Customers Think?

It’s not even been 1 year since the launch of the iPhone 12 range which included new wireless Apple technology, MagSafe. Here at QDOS, we’ve been wondering what iPhone 12 users think of the MagSafe...

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08 Sep

iPhone 13 Prices Could Increase Due To High Electronic Components Demand: How Much Will The iPhone 13 Cost?

This news comes from the somewhat hit and miss DigiTimes, with a somewhat wavy track record of correctly predicting Apple news. This is a rumour however I think we’re all hoping, is false.  As the ...

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26 Aug

2021 Apple Event: 4 Week Countdown To The iPhone 13 And More

We’re in the final countdown, one month away until we get our hands on a brand new shiny (or matte) iPhone 13! And maybe even some other new Apple products… We know we’ll be picking up one of each ...

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