18 Jun

Is Antimicrobial Tech Here to Stay? What's the Post-Corona Industry Standard?

Since the global pandemic of 2020, the tech industry has seen some changes in product feature lists… Antimicrobial technology is not new, however, the more widespread use of this tech is.  Is antim...

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26 Feb

A look back on the iPhone 12 launch

Almost 6 months on from the iPhone 12 (that means it’s almost 6 months until the iPhone 13), we remind ourselves of what made the launch event so special, and different in a year where the coronavirus dominated headlines and affected all of our lives. It might even provide hints of what to expect at the 2021 Apple Event.

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21 Jul

New iPhone 12 Release Date, Design & Features

Everything we currently know about the brand new iPhone devices launching later this year.

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08 Jun

Phones are dirty...Very dirty

Phones are with us each day every day, which means they build-up a huge amount of bacteria. But how much do they hold and can they be harmful to us?

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06 Mar

All you need to know about the Nokia 10 2020, Xiaomi mi 10 specs and the Huawei P40 features

MWC is cancelled. That means there are now delays for the Nokia 10 release date, Xiaomi mi 10 release date, and Huawei P40 release date! Find out more in this article.

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21 Feb

Apple Watch Series 6 rumors - How will the Apple Watch 6 design change?

Breaking down the Apple Watch Series 6 rumors, estimating the Apple Watch Series 6 price and release date, as well as the Apple Watch 6 design.

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