08 Sep

iPhone 13 Prices Could Increase Due To High Electronic Components Demand: How Much Will The iPhone 13 Cost?

This news comes from the somewhat hit and miss DigiTimes, with a somewhat wavy track record of correctly predicting Apple news. This is a rumour however I think we’re all hoping, is false.  As the ...

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26 Aug

2021 Apple Event: 4 Week Countdown To The iPhone 13 And More

We’re in the final countdown, one month away until we get our hands on a brand new shiny (or matte) iPhone 13! And maybe even some other new Apple products… We know we’ll be picking up one of each ...

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18 Aug

Will The iPhone 13 Support 25W Fast Charging? Here's What You Need To Know

If you were here a few weeks ago, you’ll remember our article about fast charging, where we did a deep dive into whether or not it is safe to use a 30W fast charger on a 25W device. In this article...

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14 Aug

Is Face ID coming to every Apple device?

Could Face ID be coming to every Apple device? According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who has a long history of accurately predicting Apple announcements, the handy feature will eventually ...

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30 Jul

What is the AirTag?

When I was 18, I had a job as a waitress and before leaving to work one day, I couldn’t find my keys anywhere. Like, anywhere… I turned my bedroom upside down looking for them. ‘15 minutes late fo...

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14 Jul

Is your Smartphone Listening to You? Why Ads Are So Specific?

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Tik Tok, you might know the feeling of scrolling past an ad or a sponsored post for a service or product that you were JUST talking about. It must mean ...

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