18 Aug
Will The iPhone 13 Support 25W Fast Charging? Here's What You Need To Know

If you were here a few weeks ago, you’ll remember our article about fast charging, where we did a deep dive into whether or not it is safe to use a 30W fast charger on a 25W device. In this article, we’re diving into the charging features of the not-yet-released iPhone 13. 

It seems like Apples highly anticipated September iPhone announcement will see a major upgrade in charging capacity, but will you have the right accessories to take advantage?

Check out our previous article if you want to learn more about what fast-charge exactly is. For now, let’s jump straight into the news! The latest being that the iPhone 13 will support fast charging of up to 25W. 

While this is a significant improvement on the iPhone 12 which supports 20W fast charging, it’s possible that customers won’t really notice a charge-time improvement. This is because of the fact that the iPhone 13 battery capacity is likely going to be much larger than the iPhone 12. 

More to charge = more time charging UNLESS we give it faster fast charging tech. 

This upgrade to the charging speed likely will be a more welcomed one if Apple actually provides their customers with a fast charger in the box with the new iPhone upon purchase. 

However, back on October 13th of 2020, Apple announced that they would be discontinuing the bundle offer with the sale of each iPhone. Customers will no longer have a wall charger or earbuds included in the box with their new Apple device. 

On one hand, it makes sense that Apple would stop offering these in the bundles because so many of us already have the wall charger and the earbuds as we upgrade our devices every few years. 

HOWEVER, it stops making sense when Apple includes a feature like fast charge in their new device, which will likely rely on fast-charge for a seamless customer experience because of the increased battery capacity. If Apple doesn’t provide customers who purchase the iPhone 13 with a fast charger, customers will either end up using their old chargers that still charge their new device, but not very quickly, or they’ll end up having to purchase themselves a new 25W minimum fast charger. 

Apple, unsurprisingly, is expected to launch a 25W fast charger at the same time as the iPhone 13 launch to give customers the option of upgrading their wall chargers at an additional cost. 

Wireless Charging iPhone 13

But why even focus on the fast charging feature of a wall charger when wireless charging grows in popularity?

The wireless charging feature that you find on the latest iPhones, otherwise known as MagSafe, is much slower than the fast charge you get with a wall charger. In fact, MagSafe charging is currently capped at 15W, making it significantly slower as a charging option for the iPhones. 

Maybe it’s too soon to expect a MagSafe upgrade to 20W, but we would guess that if MagSafe isn’t upgraded this year, it won’t be long until it will be upgraded. Either that, or we’ll likely see a decrease in popularity for the wireless charging option, becoming more of a novelty way to charge your device as fast charging tech only continues to get better and better. 

Keep in mind that Apple likes to keep their secrets very secret, and ahead of the iPhone 13 launch, we are made to keep guessing! Take this news with a pinch of salt, our sources at mydrivers.com don’t have much of a track record of accurate predictions, but we’re hoping they’re right on this one!

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