26 Aug

Pokémon Go Power Banks

‘With great power comes great responsibility’… and hours of Pokémon Go!

Moving to a city has taught me a lot: Deliveroo is a god-send, don’t wear stilettos on a night out, and parks are the best places to find a Pokémon gym.

Pokémon Go has been massively popular ever since its release back in early July, and the great thing about the game is the social aspect of it. It’s a game that requires leaving the house (unless you have a lure) and going on a hunt around town to catch Pokémon, either solo, or with your friends. I’ve found that the best place to find a Pokémon gym is at a park, and at most parks in the city, you’ll surely find a group of people playing Pokémon Go. Dedicated Facebook pages discuss where groups of people can go to meet to place lures and catch Pokémon as a team. However, there is a problem with this app, and that’s how much battery it uses up on your smartphone.

Pokémon Go is an app that uses GPS signal and data to run, so naturally, it’s going to use a lot of battery on your smartphone. This is where a compact, portable power bank comes in handy! Power banks are the portable solution to charging needs; when you don’t have a socket, you can still charge your smartphone with a powerbank! Powerbanks range in price depending on their mAh and output. A fully charged powerbank with 2200 mAh offers roughly 8 hours of extra play time on your smartphone! That’s a lot of Pokémon…

The higher the mAh, the bigger the size of the powerbank, and the higher the price. That’s why QDOS have created a compact, Jelly Belly® licensed 2200 mAh powerbank at just £19.99, and if you’re thinking of grabbing one of these to power up your smartphone while you power up your Pokémon, QDOS are offering £5 off with discount code ‘POWERUP’! Don’t miss out on Pokémon because of a dead battery, get a power up instead! Charged and ready-to-use straight out of the packaging, complete with a micro-USB cable.