No phycical SIM tray for new iPhone 14 (or beyond)?

No phycical SIM tray for new iPhone 14 (or beyond)?

(Image from: iFixIt)

How to retain customers and keep users using the brand's products is believed to be more worthy of the company's time to study than creating a big-selling product. Starting from iCloud, Apple has gradually added Touch ID, Apple Pay, Face ID and different services. On the one hand, it can improve the user experience, but it actually makes everyone get used to it and it is more difficult to "transfer". Recently, there is news that The iPhone 14 will have a lot of action to make it difficult for everyone to switch to other platforms.

It has been rumored that the iPhone 14 series will cancel the SIM card slot and completely replace it with eSIM. Of course, the advantage is that it can free up more space in a small mobile phone for developers to develop. And the downsides can be guessed, switching to other mobile phones, resale becomes troublesome, and even when you travel, you can't change the local SIM card.

It is rumored that the cancellation of the SIM card slot in the iPhone 14 will be piloted in the local market in the United States, or to see the reaction and then decide whether to cancel the SIM card slot completely in the successor products.

Personally, I think the physical SIM card slot is very useful and valuable, especially for business users who would like to keep both business number and personal number in one iPhone, or general users like me and put a local SIM when traveling abroad.  It will make users feel disgusted if the upcoming iPhone without the physical SIM card slot.

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