How to avoid your iPhone 11 getting scratched

How to avoid your iPhone 11 getting scratched

Since the launch of the 2019 iPhone range, there have been numerous news outlets and social media users reporting a high volume of smears and scratches on the iPhone 11, even though users have been using the devices with extra care and caution. The majority of reports are coming from regular users, and suggest the scratches must be coming from taking it in and out of pockets or bags throughout the day as the phones were not subjected to any sharp objects or unusual impacts.

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From what we’ve gathered online from consumers, who have gone into stores to report this issue, employees from Apple outlets have suggested that this is down to user error, not the device’s integrity. As the iPhone 11 has so far been Apple’s best-selling phone in the 2019 range, even a small percentage of users experiencing this issue has turned into a PR nightmare for the company, with Apple yet to release a statement on the issue. The iPhone 11 Pro is suggested to have the iPhones ‘toughest screen ever’, however, it may not be the case with the cheaper alternative.

What should you do if you have experienced this issue?

Unfortunately, if you do not have Apple Care or some form of insurance on your device, there isn’t a lot you can do. Apple will put this down to user error and 9 times out of 10 will not issue a replacement.

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Make sure your screen doesn’t get scratched in the first place

It sounds like a no brainer and an ‘I told you so’ moment, but if you really want to keep the device screen scratch-free and in pristine condition, then the easiest way to do this is with a case and screen protector. There are many options to completely protect your device from scratches, including a standard live-area screen protector with an ultra-protective case that provides both front and back protection. However, the best protection for the screen is a full-curved Glass Screen Protector, or 360-degree protective case.

Full Curved screen protectors are often the most subtle solution, as it essentially looks exactly like an iPhone screen. The edge-to-edge coverage ensures that none of the actual iPhone screens are visible to take any scratches, add a case to this and you’ve got full coverage, so it would be extremely difficult for any scratches to appear.

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The alternative is a 360-degree protective case. We offer one of the few cases on the market that actually achieves this, the Infinity Glass. The Infinity Glass provides front and back tempered glass coverage on aluminium alloy frames, using magnetic adsorption to connect the front and back frames. This ensures total coverage of the device, so the screen simply is not open to receive scratches.

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Either of these options will protect your device from scratches, so you don’t end up on the wrong end of a big repair bill for a new iPhone screen.

We would always recommend getting insurance for the device because even if you have the best possible screen protection from QDOS or any other provider, it still won’t prevent your phone from being lost or stolen.


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