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Smoothies Nightlife - Black

Glam it up!

An iPhone case that looks as glamorous as you do. That’s Nightlife – the sure-fire way to attract attention on your night out. Carefully selected, sparkly rhinestones are embedded into the material, so your case looks as good as you do, all night, every night.



A lightweight, rigid polycarbonate case with precision-engineered cut-outs for buttons, ports, speakers and cameras. Designed to fit snugly round your iPhone SE, our exclusive process embeds the design inside two layers of transparent polycarbonate, creating a strong, secure, reliable case that protects your phone.


  • Sleek, lightweight, form-fitting rigid case
  • Crystals embedded under scratch proof durable polycarbonate
  • Unique bevel edged surface protects your screen from scratches
  • Snug fit to your iPhone SE/5s/5
  • Clear surround for invisible side protection
  • Easy access to all controls and jacks


iPhone SE
iPhone 5s/5

In the box

  • 1x QDOS Smoothies Nightlife case

The practical stuff

A great phone case design is about mixing practicality with really good looks. We understand the design and manufacturing process, so our cases emulate the sleek look of the iPhone, adding a little extra 'je ne sais quoi' for people who like to be different.

Smoothies Nightlife champagne

The night sky

The design inspiration for Nightlife was a beautiful clear night where we could see all the stars sparkling away. How could we re-create that on a robust, durable phone case? The answer is polycarbonate – a strong, light, layered material that gives us lots of scope for embedded design – and some beautiful glittering rhinestones to pop inside it.

Simply smoothies

The Smoothies range uses clever product design to give you a unique take on phone case chic. We take two ultra-thin layers of transparent polycarbonate, and sandwich our design between them. This means the design itself stays well away from dust and dirt, and can’t get chipped, scratched or discoloured. It’s the best way to ensure your phone case always looks fresh.

Smoothies Nightlife midnight blue

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