17 Aug

September 2018 Apple Launch: What do we know so far?

After being accused of becoming predictable in 2016 with the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the trillion dollar company shook things up by introducing us to the revolutionary iPhone X. This yea...

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05 Jul

How to avoid a massive bill for a screen replacement

The latest flagship installments are more impressive and more expensive than ever. A brand new Galaxy S9 will set you back £739, whilst a new iPhone X will cost you £999. Spending the best part of ...

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29 May

iPhone SE 2 rumours and what to expect at WWDC 2018

The worldwide developers’ conference is Apple’s annual event to meet with engineers from around the world to host software development sessions and Apple-led workshops. Essentially, for those takin...

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22 May

Our Lifetime Warranty Program is getting an update

As of July 2018, the way you make OptiGuard replacement claims via the QDOS website is going to be a little different. Don’t panic! All of our OptiGuards are still covered by the same Lifetime Warr...

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20 Apr

What's the best Smartwatch?

In the last decade, wearable technology has massively changed - it started as a product of the future and now it’s available at every major tech retailer, with smartwatches being at the forefront a...

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10 Apr

Apple TV vs. Amazon Firestick vs. Google Chromecast

Apple TV is just one of the many ways in 2018 to watch TV without having a television license or an aerial. All you need is a fairly good internet connection and you can gain access to hundreds of ...

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