QDOS protects the iPhone 6 Plus

7 Nov 2014

New Saffiano and Ozone cases provide effective and stylish protection

QDOS Ozone

QDOS Saffiano

QDOS, a designer of accessories for iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphones and tablets, introduces two new iPhone 6 Plus cases offering stylish protection for Apple’s new phone. The perfect accessory for business or pleasure, the Saffiano folio case is made from genuine, textured leather and features a luxury suede lining. Its rigid frame, tailor made to fit the iPhone 6 Plus, ensures 360-degree protection from dust and impacts at all times.  The Ozone has been designed using ultra-thin, rigid polycarbonate to give the device the protection it needs without adding hardly any weight. Patterned cut-outs mean users can still enjoy the colour of their new iPhone 6 Plus as it shines through. The Saffiano and Ozone cases are available now from our store for £14.99 and £24.99 respectively.

QDOS Saffiano - £24.99

The stylish QDOS Saffiano iPhone 6 Plus folio case combines a hand-finished, textured leather outside and luxurious suede inside with a handy card slot built in to the flap making it the perfect companion for a night out. No more bulky pockets as the Saffiano can carry cash and cards with ease. The Saffiano has a shock-absorbing rigid frame, tailor-made to fit the iPhone 6 Plus that ensures 360- degree protection from dust and impacts, while leaving all controls, ports and optics fully accessible. The flap also features a discreet aperture so that calls can be made with the case closed.

The QDOS Saffiano is available in a range of colours including purple, black and brown.

QDOS Ozone - £14.99

Manufactured from ultra-slim, ultra-strong polycarbonate, the Ozone case, which has a profile of just 1mm, protects the iPhone 6 Plus without adding any weight or bulk. With a simple yet effective design, the punched out grill effect on the back of the case reveals the iPhone’s colour beneath and it fits snugly round the device leaving controls, ports and the camera lens fully accessible. The Ozone is ideal for those looking for an easy, snap-on case that perfectly fits the new form factor of the iPhone 6 Plus.

The QDOS Ozone is available in a range of colours including black, silver and clear.

Pricing and Availability

The QDOS iPhone 6 Plus cases are available now from our store and leading retailers with prices starting from just £14.99 (Inc. VAT) 

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