QDOS OptiGuard TG – Lifetime screen protection made from rigid tempered glass

7 May 2013

QDOS, a designer of innovative accessories for iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphones and tablets, today announces a brand new screen protector made from glass for the iPhone 5. The QDOS OptiGuard TG screen protector is made from rigid tempered glass that is just 0.4mm thick and has been designed to ensure shatterproof security and protect the iPhone screen from scratches and impact. Offering a lifetime guarantee, the QDOS OptiGuard is available now from our shop for £24.99.

For easy application, wet-set adhesive is used to attach the rigid glass to the phone, drying instantly for immediate protection. Unlike many film protectors, the OptiGuard TG is 100% bubble free and offers diamond clarity so that users can continue to enjoy the fantastic screen of their iPhone 5.

Although only 0.4mm thick, the OptiGuard TG is three times stronger than traditional film and guarantees maximum protection from even the sharpest objects. It will shield the phone from heat and chemicals, and fingerprints and oily residue will also become a thing of the past as an oleophobic coating repels any nasty marks gained during frequent use.

The QDOS OptiGuard TG screen protector is the perfect accessory for any iPhone 5 user who requires ultimate protection, but wants to ensure the iconic good looks of the phone remain. In addition to the rigid glass itself, users will receive a super-soft micro fibre cleaning cloth, dust remover and two home button stickers with every purchase.


Pricing and Availability

The QDOS OptiGuard TG is available now from our website for £24.99 (inc.VAT).

About QDOS

With a commitment to quality, design and originality, QDOS designs, manufactures and distributes accessories for iPhone, iPod and Apple iPad (soft and hard cases, chargers, pens...) as well as smartphones and tablets (Samsung, Sony). Expert craftsmanship, quality raw materials and ground-breaking product design innovations such as the QDOS Smoothies double glass finish, set QDOS products at the premium end of the accessories market.  To view the full range, or to find out more about QDOS, visit the QDOS website.

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