Personalise the iPhone 5 with the QDOS ‘Custom Buttons’ case – a brand new design concept

19 Feb 2013

QDOS, a designer of innovative accessories for iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphones and tablets, today announces a brand new concept in case design for the iPhone 5. The collection of original and customisable cases, named Custom Buttons, are made of strong polycarbonate and flexible TPU and are designed with a circular cut-out, allowing the user to either show off the iconic Apple logo or pop in one of three unique and distinctive 3D buttons. Providing an eye catching twist of their own, the Custom Buttons case collections are available in four different designs, each consisting of one protective case and three buttons. The cases can be purchased now from our website from £19.99.

Not only does the new Custom Buttons case protect the iPhone 5 from bumps, knocks, scratches and dust, a completely new design can be revealed by simply popping a raised, 3D ‘button’ into the cut-out on the back. A four-in-one solution allows for a range of different looks at the ‘change of a button’. All buttons are exactly the same size and shape enabling users to swap buttons with friends and create something really unique. The four collections are as follows: 

Custom Buttons - Apples – This black case includes three buttons each displaying a different green apple, providing a funky twist on the original brand logo. Choose from a bite from the apple, a half eaten apple and just the core.

Custom Buttons - Love Cars– The strong, flexible case is racing car red with each button featuring a separate car related design.  Choose from a hub cap, gear stick or rev counter to pimp the iPhone ride.

Custom Buttons - Skulls – A classic black case, but with a white headphone silhouette over the top of the circular cut out. Give the original Apple logo a musical twist, or choose from three Skull buttons each with a different design and colour – ‘Cartoon’, psychedelic’ or ‘death metal’.

Custom Buttons - Cameo – A black and white stripey case gives the iPhone 5 a distinctive, stylish look and each button features a quirky, white silhouette, which can be changed depending on the owners mood – a cat, rabbit or the Queens head.

The QDOS Custom Buttons collection boasts a sturdy, yet flexible case, shaped perfectly to accommodate ports, speakers and the camera lens. Soft TPU, shock-absorbing sides make the case flexible enough to easily remove and insert the iPhone 5 to change the buttons and create a fresh new look without having to invest in a whole new case. A handy ‘button holder’ is also provided for each of the three designs to ensure easy storage when not in use.


Pricing and Availability

The QDOS Custom Buttons cases are available now from our website from £19.99 (inc.VAT)

About QDOS

With a commitment to quality, design and originality, QDOS designs, manufactures and distributes accessories for iPhone, iPod and Apple iPad (soft and hard cases, chargers, pens...) as well as smartphones and tablets (Samsung, Sony). Expert craftsmanship, quality raw materials and ground-breaking product design innovations such as the QDOS Smoothies double glass finish, set QDOS products at the premium end of the accessories market.  To view the full range, or to find out more about QDOS, visit the QDOS website.

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