Jelly Belly® Screen Cleaning Cloths - Multi

Dust it off

Two delicious screen cleaning cloths, designed to make cleaning your phone or tablet screen easier than ever. Printed with two of our original Jelly Belly® designs. 



Two-pack of double-sided screen cleaning cloths; one side with microfiber for removing grime and smears, and the other side with silk for getting a high polish. Easy to pop in your bag or pocket to keep your smartphone or tablet gleaming. 


  • Two original Jelly Belly® designs
  • Double-sided: microfiber and polyester silk
  • Safe for all screen surfaces
  • Machine washable and reusable



In the box

Two Jelly Belly® Tumbling Bean cleaning cloths.

Keeping it clean

All screen cleaners are not the same. Our Jelly Belly® screen cleaning cloths might look simple, but we’ve chosen the best materials to help keep your screen clear of smears and stains. By choosing high-performance microfiber for the cleaning side and soft silk for the polishing side, we’ve given you a two-in-one solution that looks great and does the job.

Designing simplicity

How much design work goes into a Jelly Belly® screen cleaning cloth? More than you think. We want screen cleaners that live up to your expectations – getting rid of dirt and grime and keeping your screen in top condition. As prolific screen users ourselves, we’ve blended what we want from a screen cleaner with our knowledge of materials to produce a great screen cleaning product.

Easy as 1-2-3

Your fingerprints leave grease, smudges and smears on your screen. Regularly cleaning it helps your user experience and keeps your device looking great. Simply use the microfiber cloth in a circular motion to clean. You don’t need to press hard. Once the smears are removed, just polish gently with the silk side, and you’re ready to go!

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