Jelly Belly® Scented Screen Cleaning Kit - Very Cherry

Very Cherry Scented Screen Cleaning Kit

Indulge your senses with our new Jelly Belly® Very Cherry Scented Screen Cleaning Kit. Clean your smartphone screen, your tablet screen and even your computer screen with this cleaning kit to leave it looking spotless and smelling good enough to eat!



Available in the most popular Jelly Belly® flavour of all, Very Cherry is delightfully sweet and fragrant. To use, simply spray this sweet spray on your device screen and use the Very Cherry microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away germs and bacteria! 


  • Original Jelly Belly® scented screen cleaning kit
  • Sweet, irresistible Very Cherry scented spray
  • Scented spray cleans device of bacteria and oily residue
  • Includes original, microfiber Jelly Belly® Very Cherry cleaning cloth
  • Back of lid has a clip to dry cloth and for ease-of-use
  • Safe for screens


Universal screens; Smartphones, tablets, Computer screens, Laptops.

In the box

Jelly Belly® Very Cherry Scented Screen Cleaning Kit

Smell it like it is

We’ve made sure that our scented screen cleaning kits are completely true and accurate to the Jelly Belly® flavours. Working closely with the brand itself, we have ensured that the scent is so exact to the Jelly Belly® jelly beans, it’ll make you want to go out and buy them! 

Why clean your device screen?

Most of us use our smart devices on a daily basis. With regular use, they start to attract bacteria that we can’t see and oily residue. This is why it’s important to clean our devices on a regular basis, and why not give them that bit more TLC with a sweet-smelling spray?

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