Jelly Belly® Scented iPhone Case - Green Apple

Heaven Scent

Indulge your senses with our new Jelly Belly® scented phone cases for iPhone 6s/6. So good, you can almost taste it.



Zesty and fresh, what better choice for your Apple iPhone than the Green Apple Jelly Belly® phone case? This appetising scent brings your iPhone to life and the crisp scent perfectly matches the precision design of our iPhone 6s/6 cases.


  • Original Jelly Belly® design with scent
  • TPU translucent case
  • Crafted to fit iPhone 6s/6 with easy access to buttons and controls
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to fit.


iPhone 6s
iPhone 6

In the box

Jelly Belly® scented phone case for iPhone 6s/6​

What’s your flavour?

We’ve chosen three of the most popular Jelly Belly® flavours to give these phone cases a bit of added zing. Whether you’re a Very Cherry chap, a Green Apple enthusiast or a Blueberry believer, our innovative combination of precision case design and Jelly Belly® scent gives you a unique take on phone protection.

Jellybelly scented phone case image 1

Smell it like it is

We’ve made sure that our scented phone cases are completely true and accurate to the Jelly Belly® flavours. Working closely with the brand itself, we believe that the scent is so similar to the Jelly Belly® jelly beans, it’ll make you want to go out and buy them!

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Sweet, sharp and fresh

Looking for a case for your iPhone that’s a little bit different? Ready for something that lets you express your individuality and will have all your friends asking where you found it? Then take the plunge into our Jelly Belly® world and bag yourself a scented iPhone case today!

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