Jelly Belly® Powerbank - Portable

The magic of Powerbank

With enough stored power to charge your smartphone at least once, our Jelly Belly® powerbank is bright, bold and incredibly useful.



Our compact Jelly Belly® powerbank gives you a lot of power in a small package. Small enough to fit in your bag or your pocket – or just to store in your car – it holds enough power to charge your smartphone or tablet on the go – helping you to stay in touch even if you’re not near a conventional power source.


  • Original Jelly Belly® Powerbank
  • 2200mAh powerbank
  • Includes 20cm micro-USB to USB cable
  • Ready to use straight out of the box



In the box

Jelly Belly® Zoom Powerbank
Micro-USB to USB cable
Quick-start guide

Getting it right for you

We pay attention to every aspect of our product design and build, to ensure our finished products are high quality, useful and attractive. That’s why we’ve invested significant development time ensuring that our powerbank delivers the on-the-go charging you need to keep in touch wherever you are.

Inside and out

As part of our Jelly Belly® range, we’ve chosen our original Zoom design for the powerbank. Matching the exterior design with great attention to detail in terms of size, weight and power delivery has resulted in a great-looking, high-performing power product.

Powering your life

Our job is to make your mobile life easier, and a powerbank is the perfect solution. We know you’re not always near a standard power source, and that it could be vital that your phone has power when you need it. A portable power storage device is the perfect answer, and with our compact design and bright Jelly Belly® jelly bean branding, what’s not to love?

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