Universal Smartphone Ring Holder - Gold

Universal Smartphone Ring Holder 

The QDOS Ring Holder ensures added safety and grip to your smartphone. It rotates 360° for multifunctional use and comfort while holding device. Converts to stand for watching videos and playing games and music. Its strong adhesive ensures smartphone safety while being case friendly. Compatible with universal smartphones.



In 4 device matching colours, the Universal Smartphone Ring Holder has been designed to blend in with any Apple iPhone, while contrasting and complimenting other smartphone colours beautifully. QDOS have come up with a design which allows you to be discrete, be bold, be safe. 


  • QDOS Ring Holder offers added safety and grip when operating your smartphone
  • Converts to stand, landscape or portrait, for watching videos, playing music or reading recipes!
  • 360° rotation for comfort and multifunctional use
  • Case friendly, smartphone safe


Universal Smartphones

In the box

1x QDOS Universal Smartphone Ring Holder

How to protect your smartphone without a case

The QDOS Universal Ring Holder gives you added security when using your smartphone. How? By using the ring holder when on a call, the risk of dropping your smartphone is massively reduced!  

Smallest smartphone stand?

This discrete addition to your smartphone doubles up as a landscape and portrait stand! Simply rotate the ring holder to your preference and voila! This is possibly the smallest stand for your smartphone on the market!

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